Friday, May 31, 2013

Mineral Blush and Bronzer

For those who like the loose mineral products, I have found myself both blush and bronzer that I like. 

Since I have been having some success with bareMinerals, I went with them again in first selecting a bronzer: "Faux Tan Matte," with "matte" as the magic word.
I purchased it on Amazon and I received something that looks a tad more orange than it does on the BE website, but it does the job, contouring while lacking sparkle, with the barest minimum. That stuff is seriously pigmented

At the same time I scanned BE for a matte blush. I decided to browse through their pink eyeshadows instead, since there was more options in the matte department. I settled on "Frolic,"  and also bought it from BE through Amazon

However, despite being called "matte," it possessed a blinding pearlized sheen. How in heck was this matte? I sent a huffy email back demanding a refund. 

I then hit the 'net again, and after much squinting and comparing, clicked on L.A. Minerals Lush Blush in "Cheerleader." It is described as being the "Perfect matte girly girl pink shade of blush." This time I emailed the company first to confirm that it is, in fact, matte, which they soothingly did. I bought it on Amazon as well. And lo, the blush arrived, bright and matte. 
For those who prefer tamer shades, I would highly recommend it. "Cheerleader" adds life to cheeks subtly, but one can build up to whatever shade desired. 


Tovah11 said...

That color looks beautiful.

There's just something so messy about those loose minerals though. I just haven't mastered it yet.

Good for you for explaining the term "matte" to them.

The Beckster said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Have you ever used cream blushes (obviously not for shabbos though)?

Princess Lea said...

Tovah: I agree, loose is messy; I do prefer pressed when I can, I just had purchased these and wanted to share if there are inclined.

Beck: Because I use mineral makeup for my combination skin (and I have yet to find a liquid foundation that is my shade and makes my skin look good), I can't use cream blush on top minerals. :(

=) said...

i would looooove to hang out with your makeup collection for a while!!! seriously? how much do you have?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Princess Lea said...

How many blushes and bronzers? Not really enough to qualify as a makeup freak; I just have as much as I need, then research the heck out of available options when I need something new, then half the time buy the exact brand that I had before.