Sunday, May 19, 2013

Boden USA

Online shopping is the pits. Thanks to the powers of photography, anything can look attractive and sufficiently long.

But my weekday summer wardrobe is in a bit of a bind. The skirts that I have owned for years have finally given way; stretched out, faded, seams falling open. 

Due to my excessive height, finding a skirt that is long enough is like playing a game of "Myst" (anyone remember it? You needed detailed instructions just to open a door). Every once in a vague while I will come across one, in store, that is well-made, reduced, and of the proper fit; I will then reverently care for it for up to a decade

But now they have all thrown in the towel at the same time, so I channeled my panic into the grand market of false promises, the internet. 

I first purchased a skirt for $150 from a supposedly top brand, but the item that arrived was stiff and bulky. For that money, goodbye. 

My next option was Boden, a British brand that has been plying me with adorable catalogs after pilfering my name from a Gap mailing list, I am guessing. However, what I did not know until I visited their site is that their skirts are sold in different length options: Regular and Long

Come to mama. 

My Modern Pencil Skirt arrived and I was ecstatic. While it could have been a little longer, there was ample hem that could be let down, as well as sufficient material for a kick-pleat out of the slit. The fabric was good quality, strong yet lightweight, ideal for summer. 

This website seems to have been made for the pears among us (they do outnumber the apples). It is positively brimming with a-line skirts!

I would recommend the Riviera Skirt, a colorful a-line option in a myriad of patterns, but I would think the Marine Blue Scallop is the most flattering and multiple-outfit-friendly. It also appears to be on sale.
For further pear suggestions: 

The Casual Chino Short in String:
The Printed Cotton Skirt in Hollyhock Clouds:
The Mosaic Flower Skirt in Steel or White (currently on sale):
And the Everyday A-Line Skirt in every shade for year-round wear 
The Long measurements differ with each skirt, but everything is clearly on display, as to dimensions and stock, making the site very easy to navigate. Their dresses also come in Regular and Long, but I'm not sure if I am going to try those out just yet. Dresses can be a fickle friend.  


Anonymous said...

At this point, I kind of prefer shopping online. I've found that skirts can often still be found in regular stores (though I don't have the same length issue as you do, being 5"3) but have had very little luck with tops (whether sleeve length, neckline, or see-through material).
I've actually received some Boden catalogues but never ordered anything from them....
I can dress fairly casually at my job, so I don't buy many pencil skirts, though. I like to wear a comfortable print skirt with a colored t-shirt (if you're interested I have a great online shopping tip for a website that sells shirts with high enough necklines/three quarter length sleeves/material that holds up well in the washing machine/with a great color variety. The shirts are not cheap, about $40 each, but considering how hard it is to find an item like this, I consider it well worth the money!)

Princess Lea said...

Investment in garments always pays; as my grandfather said (albeit in Yiddish), "A cheap person pays twice."

Please do share!

Sun Inside Rain said...

I never shop for clothes online! I find shopping in a brick-and-mortar store easier in that I don't usually have to worry about alterations and returns (because I try things on). Then again, I'm on the shorter side of life so I don't usually have an issue with skirt or sleeve length.

P.S. I love the last look!

Princess Lea said...

SIR: I also prefer in-store shopping, but I got desperate and it actually worked out (I think). I'm still loyal to the mall; this was an exception. It's such a pain to mail back returns too.

Lost and Found said...

The only one I'm not a fan of is the Everyday A-Line Skirt. It doesn't really fit with the rest of them you showed and looks bland and unappealing (or maybe it's the model and/or the rest of the outfit). The Chino has a class that the A-Line is missing. The other one's are gorgeous.