Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Ungrabbable

"You are going out with him?" she gasped. "Grab him!" 

"Him" has earned the princely alias of Boba Fett. Yeah, that bad. 

He was given my number on Wednesday evening, but didn't call until Sunday afternoon, making it a quite obvious tactical move that he therefore "couldn't" take me out on Sunday, and possibly waste some of his precious recreational time. 

Better yet, he rang from a train, warning me that he may go into a tunnel. Apparently, calling me before, or after, on terra firma, was not an option (I just don't believe that anyone can be that busy for four straight days).

He initially spoke of dinner, but then texts that he works really long hours. Oh, you just remembered that now? He proposes the option of drinks at 6, or dinner at 10. Well, obviously I'm not going to wait around in the city until the dead of night, so we both know already that I am accepting the former offer. But the brilliance of it is that it is now my doing; after all, he suggested dinner, I just didn't take him up on it.

With about four hour gaps of text response time, he gives me an address across town. After walking for thirty minutes (it was nice weather and I prefer to walk instead of subway) and changing my shoes in a nearby Sephora, I get there limpingly prompt. He is nowhere to be seen, and so I text him. He says he's almost there. 

Actually, he quite obviously had just left his office right then, since it was only a couple of blocks away, and he arrived casually un-winded a leisurely ten minutes later. 

After exactly an hour, he hies off back to work. 

"He squeezed you in the way he would a client," Ta said. 

"I expect to get a bill for that hour," I replied.

The shadchan, poor thing, called up a few days later saying Boba never got back to her. Future reference, dudes: If you wanna go shidduch system, you gotta play by shidduch system rules, which is getting back to the shadchan before I do. 

As for "Grab him"? 

What happened to Boba Fett again?
He got grabbed, all right. 


FrumGeek said...

Yeah, Boba Fett wasn't that good of a bounty hunter when you think about it. He just looks cool and has a good, yet undeserved, reputation.

The Beckster said...

Boo!!!! I give a great, huge thumbs down to Boba Fett. Treat a lady like a lady, won't ya?

daughtersintheparsha said...

that is so disheartening. no wonder the guy isn't married. what a cad. actually, no one's told him how to be a mentch. like, does he have parents or siblings or married friends? I am so disturbed by this :(

Princess Lea said...

FG: Do we really know of Fett's previous track record before Solo? Keep in mind, he did manage to pin him down, so I would say his dastardly reputation remains untarnished.

Beck: What else should a girl expect from a bounty hunter masquerading as a cool-dude businessman?

DITP: I think he probably isn't interested in marrying yet, so he thinks he can act like that. As for his family, I think they take pride in their "standing," and this doesn't quite help matters.

Anonymous said...

Great Sarlacc pic - brings such good cinema memories!
Remember, there's always another option; sounds like this one wasn't good enough for the Frumanista.

Anonymous said...

Playing hard to get, thinks he's a big shot. I happen to think quite highly of myself as well but I don't play these games. There's no reason not to get in touch with the girl the day you get her number, even if its a text/telling the shadchan that you'll call the next day or whenever.

In terms of between dates, some guys want to think the date over and don't have an immediate answer, so I'm not sure about the guy having to get back to the shadchan before you. I think 24 hours is a reasonable amount of time.

Princess Lea said...

Anon613: Nope, not at all.

Anon: It was nearly a week later that he hadn't called back the shadchan. 24 hours is definitely reasonable.