Monday, July 22, 2013

Dressing for Men: The Tailor Mottel Kamzoil

Finding a good seamstress is not easy.
Renoir's Seamstress
I've had one who would take things in by virtual millimeters since her Korean sensibilities were, apparently, more modest than mine.

Alternatively, I brought a dress to another tailoress to hem up, only she chopped off too much fabric, blatantly exposing my knee. I ended up giving the dress to my sister-in-law, and I have a sneaking suspicion she sold it on Ebay.

Finally, I found someone nearby, who does exactly what I need, all for a great price. A good seamstress will also tell the customer whether it is worthwhile or not to alter a garment, or if she cannot do what is requested, rather than bumbling along and destroying the skirt or jacket. 

But then she failed me, butchering, quite unnecessarily, at least ten skirts. I was frantic, begging everyone for suggestions, until I tentatively handed my precious garments to the Korean needlewoman (yes, another) at my cleaners. A master of her craft! A thousand blessings on her head! 

Females, understandably, require a regular seamstress. We've got all those hems-elbows-collar issues, and off-the-rack items rarely fit perfectly. I need many skirts taken in/out, or let down/hemmed up. 

Men may think they can go without a tailor. Non, non, non, mais amis

It is incredibly disturbing to see a man in pants that make him look as though he has child-bearing hips.  

Fellas, once upon a time all clothing was custom. Off-the-rack changed that, meaning that only once in a while will a garment fit perfectly.

My father's tailor is an artist who charges through the nose, but he is so worth it. Especially in the business world, looking sharp means having Mottel Kamzoil on speed-dial.
Ask around—do not pick a name from the Yellow Pages! Go by recommendation only

Although, Luke had a bad experience. He took a magnificent suit to the same amazing tailor, who made it fit like perfection, only he was then caught in a torrential downpour and the suit shrank. 

After going to the tailor . . . invest in a good raincoat and bookmark


Anonymous said...

Oh god. Tailors. They can be so freaking expensive. I found some lady who has a shop in some hole in the wall, but b/c its located in Beverly hills she charges through the nose. Her work, however, is fantastic and worth paying for.

(Side note: the pleats are 85% of the issue on the guy pictured's pants).

tesyaa said...

Yes, most of the men who wear pleated pants think they're camouflaging their extra pounds, but they really only work for super-skinny men.

Come to think of it, the same goes for women who wear skirts with pleats or gathers at the waist. Don't do it.

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes. yes. nina garcia said the same thing in one of her books, and i have to say, it was life-changing advice.

Princess Lea said...

Prof: (Shudder). It is a painful thing to see.

Ah, a divine tailoress. Bliss.

Tesyaa: Pleats and ruching by the waist depend a lot on body type. On some fabbo, on some oy.

gelt: It IS! Fit is everything. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't matter how much it cost originally.

tesyaa said...

Exactly, I meant to say for women with a stomach that protrudes even slightly, avoid the excess fabric around the area. For those with flat stomachs, go right ahead.

Princess Lea said...

Tesyaa: Know thy body type! is the first law.

Tovah11 said...

Worst look ever on men: Pants that are too short! Just gives that creepy vibe. lol.

Princess Lea said...

Tovah: Oh man, Urkle pants? The worst.

Anonymous said...

As pants are the subject, what is the opinion on pants like these

My office is currently embroiled in a fierce argument about these. (Hint: I'm pro).

Princess Lea said...

Er, well, um . . .

One has to be really fit, and I mean slender, to pull these off. Additionally, any other garments (and that includes socks) must be solid in color and relatively tame in hue. Grooming must be impeccable, not a stray hair.

None of the menfolk in my life would ever don them, but if you've got the bold sense of style, rock 'em responsibly.

Ooh, they're on sale. I like 'em even better now.

Anonymous said...

Check, check and check :-)

I had already ordered them, I was just getting grief from the other folk about them.

Princess Lea said...

Some people have no flair.