Friday, July 5, 2013

The Wandering Jew

"Um, he doesn't seem to be . . . religious." 


His information seemed to depict an out-of-the-box, yet inherently frum individual. But a cursory internet search proved otherwise: He was off the derech. Not in the past tense; currently, he is without faith.

The shadchan did not know; friends with the mother, she had derived all impressions from her. A mother who, stricken by her son's abandonment of the family's beliefs, perhaps hoped that a date with a religious girl might coax him back onto the beaten path. 

She couldn't have expected to succeed, as I don't know that many irreligious guys who would say "Sure Ma! I'll go on a shidduch date for old time's sake," then not keep Shabbos the following evening.  

I wasn't mad. If anything, I felt for this woman, trying every which way to rekindle in her boy the goals and values of his upbringing.

I suppose I should be flattered to be considered bait . . .    


Yocheved said...

How heartbreaking! I really do feel for the mother.

Princess Lea said...

Yup, exactly.