Friday, October 18, 2013

Found What You're Looking For?

When it comes to successful shidduchim, there seems to be two primary schools of thought.

Tactic 1:  

"I didn't think we would have anything in common, but then I thought, 'What the heck?,' and we are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary!"

Tactic 2: 

"No guy did it for me, you know? I was open, I tried, but I still wouldn't 'settle.' I stuck to my criteria, and in the end I found everything that I wanted, and more."

What is a dating girl to do? 

There are enough proofs on either end; being admonished not to be "so picky" by complete strangers, yet knowing in my gut that compromising on that won't lead to a happy ending. 

People like tried and true formulas, but in the messy, individual experience that is dating (the only common factor seems to be frustration) there can't be absolutes.
Let us all lower the wagging finger of reprimand, and let marriages occur as they will, as original and unique as the partners themselves. 

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