Monday, October 7, 2013

Queenly Bedding

I only sleep on silk. 

Wait, that came out wrong.

Silk pillowcases claim to make frizzy hair less so, to take it easy on the skin, and to maintain soothing coolness when a bed becomes overheated. According to some, they don't collect dust mites, which is a perk in the case of my perpetual rhinoritis.

I am still not sure about the belief that it provides all sorts of skincare benefits (there doesn't seem to be much data to back that up), but I was intrigued . . .   

Then, a cousin told me (Bobovers know everything) that she had heard that a satin pillowcase would be very understanding of Shabbos Face. 

So of course I ordered one the next morning. 

When I first discovered it on Amazon, it was only available in white. Now they come in a motley of colors that will match to any themed bedding.
Well, it is certainly addictive. After all, silky smoothness feels veeeeery nice. As for benefits to keeping on Shabbos Face? I'll have to say it is extremely helpful, but still try to keep one's head at an angle, and use a stiffer pillow so the Face doesn't sink in too deep.

A visiting nephew also tried to casually pinch it for his own use. It really makes a pillow very cuddly.   


iRiR said...

I love my satin pillowcase (which I also got at Amazon) because it feels sooo comfortable and it keeps my makeup on much longer than a regular pillowcase would. My aunt once suggested I use a slip over my pillow to preserve my makeup from Friday to Shabbos morning. Then I figured out it was the silk that did the trick so I just bought a nice cream-colored silk pillowcase, which I take whenever I go away for Shabbos. It doesn't hurt to have one's own clean pillowcase either when one travels.

Sporadic Intelligence said...

Besides for makeup - it worked wonders for my hair on Shabbos, helping it keep its shape.

I have thin limpy-dimpy hair, and looked like a homeless person come Shabbos morning - my grandfather actually supplied me with the pillowcase.

Princess Lea said...

iRiR: That pillow goes with me everywhere. Once I forgot it when I went to my sister fro Shabbos, but thankfully found a satin sham in her laundry closet. I had been panicking until then.

SI: It is definitely great on hair. Mine is thick and prone to frizz, and I think it keeps it smoother (until I actually step out into humidity).