Sunday, May 22, 2011


My older brother, as a child, was obsessed with growing up. Not to become a mere big brother or even a Tatty; he wanted to be a Zaidy. He would gaze, with anguished longing, at the beer bellies of the gray haired. 

My mother's cream-fueled actions to achieve the opposite, however, had them clash. She would come into his room, freshly shmeared with goo, to kiss him goodnight. 

He would frantically attempt to scrape off any errant lotion traces that had transferred. "I'm going to become young!" he would shriek in panic.

Cute anecdote said, let us explore how to reverse the signs of aging (as speeding up the process is all too easy).


Literally, AHA - or Alpha Hydroxy Acid. There are a few subcategories to AHA, such as glycolic, lactic, or citric acids. Wikipedia explains it on the chemical level, but all that matters is that while it helps the skin to shed dead skin cells, it also rebuilds skin, increasing collagen, making it thicker. 

Cool, no? 

Glycolic acid (my particular favorite) can deal with oily skin and be anti-wrinkle. My skin is combination, with an oily T-zone and occasional blemishes, so glycolic is ideal for me.

For those new to AHA, I would recommend starting with low concentrations and gradually increasing the strength. My skin is like the Borg; it eventually adapts to anything I throw at it, but initial use does sting, so move slowly. 

My favorite AHA products, in order of strength: 

Kiss My Face Peaches and Cream Ultra Moisturizer. With 4% AHA, this stuff smells delicious and can be used anywhere - face, hands, body. Love, love, love it.

 Reviva Labs Glycolic Oily Skin Cream 5%. It smells a bit like marinated socks, but it is really good skin treatment. I mix a little with my tinted moisturizer during the summer to hinder oil production. 

Beauty Without Cruelty AHA Renewal Moisturizing Lotion 8%. No smell, thankfully, and more of a moisturizer than the others. Very good for drier skin types as well. 

Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle 12% Glycolic Acid. After shmearing this on, a moisturizer should be applied on top. Light as air, aaaaawesome. 

The next highest percentage I am aware of is in peel form. That's getting a separate post. 

For those of you with sensitive skin: don't try this at home. I'm going to have angry dermatologists chasing me down. 


Ish Yehudi said...

Trek reference!

I appreciate both the way boys and men seem to admire age -as if men get more distinguished as they get older -and dedication to staying healthy and youthful.

May we all combine both the grace of wisdom from experience with graceful aging and, of course, good self-care!

Princess Lea said...

My knowledge of the Borg (First Contact: best movie everrrrr) actually got me an easy A in college.

Real men wear wrinkle creams.

Is anyone buying that?

If he actually used the stuff, it would really clear up Luke's flaky skin issues.