Monday, January 5, 2015

Dressing for Men: Lunch Responsibly

Along my morning commute, I witness many a skullcapped man toting his lunch in a plastic kosher grocery store bag. The bag swings against his legs, banging against his knee, holding his tuna fish sandwich hostage in overly-bright, unprofessional ochre. 

I am a big fan of home lunch. It's fiscally responsible and good for the health. But there should still be some class involved.

If a chap is out in the world, he should have something non-nebby to carry his lunch, or any other items picked up in the course of a day. 

For the casual fellow, a modestly sized sling bag.
For the casual professional, a messenger bag.
For the professional who knows it, a briefcase.
The main criteria is weight. The bag should be light. If it isn't, it's going to end up sitting in the closet rather than keeping one company on the subway. 

Just picture it: Walking briskly into one's place of business, a friendly wave to the secretary, bumping into the boss in the hallway, with a briefcase in hand, as opposed to . . . a crinkly plastic Target bag, damp with gathering condensation.   


Anonymous said...

Agreed. I use a nice leather briefcase for my work stuff. For my lunch I use this. Perfect sized and easily washable. And no chances of something spilling and damaging paperwork in my briefcase.

Garnel Ironheart said...

The plastic bag works. 'Nuff said.

Daniel Saunders said...

I think in Britain there is a negative stereotype of geeky types carrying plastic bags.

I use a smallish rucksack, mostly because at any given time I have pencil case, paper, diary, food, water, collapsible umbrella and several books with me (three today). To be honest, I like the look of a briefcase a lot (I'm a traditionalist!), but I'm not sure I could get all my stuff in it. And hardly anyone in London seems to carry them any more. It is something to think about, though.

Princess Lea said...

Prof: Ah, they banned plastic out where you live, right?

GI: "Plastic bag works." I'm sure many things in life "work," dear, that is not the point.

DS: That's my plan, to get men thinking - at least a little - about their image.

Daniel Saunders said...

Well, I do think more about my image than I used to do. Some of that is probably your influence, although dealing with some of my mental health issues probably helps (depression does not encourage stylish dressing). I suspect I still commit lots of sins against the fashion bible, though.

Anonymous said...

Bags are not banned, they just cost 10 cents. It had no bearing on my purchase of my lunch bag though. I simply never liked the "crinkle" or plastic bags/