Monday, January 12, 2015

Due Diligence

"Oh, I have RoC, it doesn't do anything."
"But do you actually put it on? Every single night?" 


Yes, it is a royal pain in whatever part of the anatomy that you prefer, but if one has the future remotely in their sights, the only way to successfully route wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of aging is with a skincare routine

The sad but indelible fact of the matter is, our skin won't be bouncing back forever. Without regular application of SPF, damage can accumulate and then rear its ugly head. Simply purchasing a night cream is certainly not enough, nor is applying it sporadically.

Americans aren't a patient people. We want quick and simple, even if that means getting injections that make us look as though we're recovering from an allergic reactions to peanuts.
Five minutes in the morning (SPF) and five minutes at night (wash and cream) can mean a world of difference thirty years down the road.
Don't come crying to me because you wouldn't slap on a little AHA before bed.   

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