Monday, March 9, 2015

You Can Say That Down Under

Sometimes I fail to realize how much romance is sucked out of our lives in-town. 

My Australian cousin sat across the table, his peyos tucked behind his ears, his tzitzis dangling, a fuzzy black velvet kapul parked on his head. He was newly engaged, his eyes shining at the mention of his fiancée

He swiped through his phone, selecting a beloved shot. "Do you want to see my darling?" he crooned. I nearly choked on my salmon
I concurred his "darling" was lovely, coughing delicately to clear the fish from my throat as I handed the photo along for the rest of the family to "ooh" over.

Well, we ain't in the Outback anymore. 

Professing an endearment about one's intended? In public? I never heard that before, never mind from a good semi-Chassidish yeshiva boy. 

This kid comes from the same branch of uptight Europeans as I do. His momma keeps him on the "straight and narrow," but apparently, "darling" is allowed down under.

Sure, loving glances from across the room, whispery-giggly conversations in corners, but "darling"?
Us NYC folk need to chill out.   


tesyaa said...

If he ever ends up settling down in NY, no worries, he'll soon be straightened out.

Mr. Cohen said...

When is Princess Lea going to talk about her preparations for the zombie apocalypse?

With Iran getting nuclear weapons, that could happen in our lifetimes.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Lots of things happen out of NYC. I know a Chabad chosid from Australia who has multiple Monty Python skits memorized, not something you see much of in Crown Heights.

Single on the Scene said...

seriously?! when I read the first line I was all like 'Princess has an Aussie guy cousin and never thought of it for me?!?!' Then I read the rest. Love Aussies and how open and in-touch they are with their feelings. not afraid to vocalize. Also, usually with the folks down under, some words, such as darling aren't taken the same way you in the movies...

Princess Lea said...

tesyaa: He married a local. His momma didn't want him across the world away.

Mr. C: I have canned beans.

MGI: Ah, but the fashion in CH is stellar.

SotS: This happened many, many years ago . . . no more available related Aussies. But can you imagine how uptight us American Jews are that professing endearments about a spouse takes me aback? Unless I'm just the prude.

SDK said...

Move to San Francisco. Or St. Louis. Or Seattle! There are no kosher restaurants but the people are actually nice to you. Something is wrong with people in NYC and not just frum people. Most of my female friends in NYC cannot get married. It's the endless sense of possibility and the belief that there may be a better option out there given the sheer number of people around you. This is not good for male decision making.

Princess Lea said...

OK, we all suck. Good to know.