Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Battle of the Bulge: Sugar is Whack Crack

How I love it. 

As a recovering sugarholic, it gives me no joy to relate this article: "Sugar Season. It's Everywhere, and Addictive." I can no longer even touch a can of soda. It exudes the same sinister image as the horror of Chucky. 
I can tell that sugar is addictive simply how I went through an albeit mild form of withdrawal when I decided to quit consumption during the week (I allow myself a demure reunion on Shabbos). But going without it for six days is no longer a white-knuckling torture, I am happy to report. 

The obesity problem is not caused by a single factor, this I know. I'm pretty much living on produce, yogurt, fish, and the occasional bowl of oat bran, as all processed foods are eeeeeevil. This breakdown ("What 2,000 Calories Look Like") will strip all joy from eating out, too. A french fry is a french fry, kosher or otherwise. (Golly, I miss them.)

Often when I am trolling the outer perimeter in the supermarket, I am shocked how many a shopping cart passes me that is loaded with bottles and bottles of soda. That's not responsible at all, not from a dental, medical, or fiscal perspective. Soda is just a complete waste, providing not a single nutritional or mineral benefit. 
Drink WATER! If too boring, LEMON WATER! You'll be riiiiich!  


FrumGeek said...

I usually drink diet soda. Recently, while at work (so from 9-6/7 I started drinking water instead. Its cheaper. That and I don't like the caffeine addiction.

Princess Lea said...

Apartame is pretty gross, too. Try green tea instead for a mild boost.