Thursday, June 18, 2015


Karl Lagerfeld's model of choice, Brad Kroenig, leads a surreal life. While jetsetting across the world for runway shows where luxury is pouring from the bathroom faucets, he also has the alter ego of suburban husband and father.
This passage:  
Several times a day I caught Brad fussing with his hair, which turned out to be a head massage that Nicole explained stimulates hair growth. Nicole approaches her role as Brad’s partner with the diligence of an athlete’s wife, helping to manage Brad’s low-carb, high-protein diet and replenishing his various supplements, like Viviscal and Biotin (which also promote hair growth). “I get so frustrated because people always see the glamorous side,” she said, “but they have no idea what he has to do to stay at this level.”
Obviously, I have now incorporated scalp massage into my daily regimen (not difficult, as I usually awaken before the alarm clock beeps). 

Being gorgeous—heck, being barely presentable—doesn't just happen. I do the work, happily, as I enjoy the confidence that results from that effort.

But I get annoyed when some think it is spontaneous, that I just roll out of bed with two shades of eyeshadow on my lids. (Well, I do, on Shabbos morning.) Then there are those on the other side who dismiss my kind as being "high maintenance." You go mountain climbing. "High maintenance" sounds more apt a label than what I do.

Quite thankfully, however, unlike Brad, my livelihood doesn't rely on it.   


Sporadic Intelligence said...

Did you see Tyra Banks #nofilter selfie. She says (I'm paraphrasing) that people don't roll out of bed pretty. "I paint my pretty on." ain't natural...nice to have a good foundation to work with, but a lot of it is self made.

Princess Lea said...

I often wonder what Helen of Troy looked liked before she managed to get to her vanity table every morning.