Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Friend Me Maybe

Friendship is just . . . so much work

I hate phone conversations. Half the time I have no idea what the other person said, but she's in middle of laughing at her joke and for me to chime in, "Sorry, didn't get that," would ruin the mood, so I simply start chuckling too for absolutely no reason. Plus I really need the bathroom, but would never say so.


Ideally, we would "meet up" to "catch up," but when we finally manage to hammer out a mutually convenient time and rendezvous point, and I've made myself nervous plotting and planning the logistics, I'll get a last-minute (and I mean last-minute; I've almost left the house) text begging off and chirpily asking to reschedule. Bite me. 

As for e-mail, while I love it, not everybody else does, so I merrily tap away all my thoughts, emotions, dreams, regrets, and so forth, but if the other side does not find the keyboard a pleasant medium, well, then I'm the narcissist in this relationship. 

Considering all the friend-related conundrums, I greatly enjoyed Iris Smyles' "What My Friends Mean to Me." Is it possible to have friends without any contact whatsoever? Because that would be great. 

Wait, we already have that: Facebook. Mischief managed!  


Garnel Ironheart said...

Friendship isn't about how often you stay in contact. It's about how the other person is there for you when you need them to be.

Altie said...

Lol I like this post. Feel the same way.

Princess Lea said...

GI: Works for me. "If your pipes burst, I'll be there."

Altie: Oh, phew, not just me.

ANON said...


As I get older making plans with friends becomes close to impossible. Whats the secret?? how do people maintain an active social life??

Princess Lea said...

Oh, did I laugh.

Is that the big lie nowadays, along with the Big Food companies pretending they are peddling "healthy" snacks which are actually chock full of salt, sugar, and oil—that "everybody" has these "social" lives, but from what I hear, everybody is canceling on everybody, and we are the generation of loneliness.

I suppose the only way to socialize nowadays is inviting someone for Shabbos so they are held hostage in your home for 25 hours and can only escape your company by pretending to sleep.

On FB people post pictures of their outings with friends (like, for real? So you are advertising to all the "friends" who weren't invited to join about what a great time you had without them?) and they are all smiling and laughing but I wonder how long it took to organize that everyone actually showed up.

For that effort, I'll stick with a book or tv. They don't flake out on me.