Friday, August 14, 2015


That's why I hate to lend pens.


Anonymous said...

Random makeup question - what daily facial moisturizer do you use / would you recommend?

Princess Lea said...

Hee hee, my hands are rubbing together gleefully.

So many factors! In my case, I have combination skin, so it's oilier in the summer as opposed to winter. For daily use in the summer, I use Elta MD Clear, a dream of a sunblock, and buff mineral makeup on top. But it's a sunblock only, no moisturizing. For winter, I use tinted moisturizer, my current favorite from Nars.

Another option for oily skin that has both sunblock and moisturizer is Murad Oil Control Mattifier.

For basic moisturizing, a dermatologist recommended to me Cetaphil Lotion. I use it in conjunction with my other anti-aging products at night.

If your skin is dry, my recommendations here (except for the Cetaphil and Nars) won't be of much use. Olay Complete is a loved option for day use that I found too moisturizing for my skin type.