Friday, August 21, 2015

Painless Dessert

I can be obsessive about new discoveries. Some experiments fail; a goodly number succeed. 

I posted about my surprising delight ("surprising" because I officially loathe coconut) in a homemade pareve ice cream recipe composed of coconut milk, dates, and vanilla extract. Cocoa powder could be added if one really digs chocolate, probably coffee as well. 

While web browsing, I realized that this concoction could be frozen in molds. I happened to have in the house a silicone petit-four mold that has never been utilized. 
A can of coconut milk + 8 dates + a splash of vanilla extract perfectly filled all 6 molds. 

I froze them overnight. It was incredibly easy to pop them out the next day. 

Gorgeous and tasty, with barely any work! Just put all the ingredients together to soak a little, blend, pour, and freeze. 

Isn't that pretty? 

And the obsession continues as I search through the myriad of silicone mold options. I have my eye on something in the flower family.  

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