Monday, March 14, 2016

The Repurchased! III

Okay, ladies, summer is almost upon us (yes, I said "almost"), which means I stock up on heat-sensitive products (such as SPF) now, before they can get cooked in shipping. 


For a number of years running, my go-to is Elta MD Clear SPF 46. I hated every other SPF until I was introduced to this one. In the summer, my combination skin needs no incentive to over-grease, and this one protects without oils. 'Tis the Amazon best-seller in SPF.
Lip skin is thinner and just as susceptible to sun damage, if not more. Alba Botanica's Very Emollient line is beloved by many. I've been religiously using the Suncreen Lipcare SPF 25 and keep on returning to it.
• Another constant in my cabinet is the Alba Botanica Very Emollient SPF 45 Pure Lavender. It's easy to apply, and it keeps mosquitoes away (in my experience), better than official "bug begone" sunscreens.
Moving on to other beloveds: 

For cleansing, an idle T.J. Maxx purchase has become my holy grail: Giovanni D:tox System Purifying Facial Cleaner. It contains charcoal, which pulls out impurities. And I mean it pulls them out; I can see gook rising from my pores (I know, I know, TMI). Yet, it doesn't strip my skin. In the interests of being open I tried another face wash, and missed the Giovanni terribly until I finally used up the other one (waste not).
There is also an accompanying Facial Scrub with fine exfoliating bits that I like. I use it after cleansing once or twice a week.

Desert Essence has a coconut line, and the three that I've tried rock: the Coconut Shampoo, the Coconut Conditioner, and the Coconut Hand Wash
The shampoo cleanses without destroying; the conditioner goes deep without oiliness; and the hand wash lathers up and moisturizes my skin at the same time.

For the last few summers, no matter the many other nail colors in my basket, I end up applying OPI Dutch Tulips, either alone or with a different color coat beneath. It's a divine mingling of red, pink, and orange.
While I was initially wowed by the Beauty Blender, and do still love how it performs, it became dotted with black spots of mold despite my careful cleaning and air-drying. 

I tried the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge instead, for even if it becomes moldy at some point, at least it's priced for swifter turnover.  
Ladies, any recommendations? 


Rachel said...

I'm not exposed to too much sun in the summertime and for some reason my skin doesn't absorb the sun like it does for everyone else (I tan the last week of summer, if at all), so I don't go crazy with the SPFing, unless I'm deliberately in the sun.

My go-to for winter was Predire's facial mask.

It's the only mask-like product I've used that really does not fight with my skin. After showering, I wait until my face has dried before applying the gel. I rub it in, let it sit a few minutes and then rinse off. You can see the brighter skin show immediately. It cleans out gunk-filled pores in one shot without using weird, unpronounceable chemicals.

I usually avoid the skincare-touting salespeople in the mall hallways but that one time I did indulge and I'm glad I did.

Princess Lea said...

My skin actually tolerates the sun well, whenever I'm actually out in it (I was a lovely shade of toast as a child in the summers). But the sun is the single greatest cause for skin aging, and I'm not taking any chances.

Argan oil, yum yum! Cool, will check out.

Those mall salespeople scare me. I usually run, because once eye contact is made, you're done.