Monday, May 30, 2016

"Shabbos Makeup"

As my readership knows, I kinda have The Shabbos Face down pat (although it is always open to improvements). But Yuntif, ah, Yuntif. Two days to keep paint on, especially if finagling with grabby kinfauna? A difficulty indeed. 

This past Pesach, I decided to invest in rabbi-approved Shabbos cosmetics. Since my purchases took place over the internet, I did buy colors that I didn't end up using. So, I wanted to share which items were a winner for me.
To begin, how the cosmetics are applied is also under rabbinic scrutiny; I had to familiarize myself with the accepted protocol.  

  • Blush in Soft Mauve/Glowing Mauve Matte 19H
  • Eye Shadow in Dark Gray 49B
  • While officially an Eye Shadow, I used Matte Lilac 48H/48B for eyebrow filler and as contouring powder
  • Lip Gloss (Shudder. While I do not approve of gloss in general, my lips can get so dry and cracked beneath long-wearing lipstick that I voted for lip skin health and comfortable eating over lip hue. My policy is that as long as eye makeup is strong, everything else is commentary) 
  • Hungarian Water (Of course I would get the HUNGARIAN water as opposed to rose) 
From Shabbos Brushups (at the time of my purchase, the website wasn't functioning in terms of checkout; email to order): 
  • Foundation in Matte Lite (the description sounded closest to my skin-tone and -type) 
  • Concealer in Light  
  • Eyeliner in Blackout (looks very glittery in the holder, but goes on black black black with only a hint of sparkle)
The foundation is not a perfect match, but close enough. The concealer cannot completely eliminate my MONSTER dark circles, but they have defeated even the bravest of concealers, so I did have a touch of zombie face. But that's what distracting over-laden eyelashes are for.  

My mascara was heftily applied before the holiday, and I worked around it. I feel a burning need to wash my face after a day's action, so this way I can function throughout Shavuos this year—three day yuntif, ladies! 

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