Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Minerals and The Face

The benefits of mineral makeup are still being debated. Some claim it's all hype, others say it's the best stuff possible for skin.

I'm leery of any company that claims "all natural" - practically everything has a "natural" source. There isn't regulation as to what constitutes "pureness" of mineral makeup. However, it doesn't clog pores, plus many don't have fragrances, binders,  or synthetic dyes (all courtesy of WebMD), making it also seemingly ideal for sensitive skin. Checking the ingredient list is still recommended.

But in any case, mineral makeup is my foundation of choice.

I haven't ever tried liquid foundation; the only way I started wearing makeup to begin with was because of tinted moisturizer, and I never looked back. 

But as the years passed, the moisturizer wasn't enough; it didn't provide enough coverage, and my face would become shiny as soon as I left the house. So I went back to the Laura Mercier counter at Saks that gave me the tinted moisturizer and bought the Mineral Powder, which is highly reviewed and remains one of the top selling mineral makeups.

I've recently decided that the shade (Sand) was too dark, and a useless "color associate" at Sephora still insisted it matched my skin tone. Yeah, if I want a fake tan. 

I asked to be matched up with Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Matte Foundation (the original has "sparkles" in it, the matte does not; matte is also better for oily skin) one of the highest selling mineral makeups. 

This occurred on the same fateful day as the tinted moisturizer purchase, so she, of course, handed me straight yellow, or Light. I exchanged it for the Golden Fair, which was still too yellow.

It was during this time that I learned that there are brands who keep their color palette either yellow and pink, or neutral. Bare Escentuals appears to be of the former.

The week of Pesach had a coupon promotion at Sephora (which Sporadic Intelligence was also aware of). After vigorous online comparisons, reading of reviews, peering at the shades, I decided to check out the: 

Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup. It contains mineralized water, or something, so it's not as dry as other mineral makeups. The coverage builds up beautifully. 

I came armed with the Laura Mercier and the Bare Escentuals, and after squinting at the two for comparison under Sephora's insufficient lighting, I selected Light Beige 020. It matches pretty close to perfect (I took back the bareMinerals for a store credit).

If I end up not being as pleased with it, I will definitely inform the public. 

My other option to check out was the Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup. It's pretty darn cool - the makeup is freshly ground.  The consistency is also lovely, not so dry. The color palette also steers toward neutrality, so if one has very olive or pink skin tones I would suggest they should rather try the Bare Escentuals. 

If one has dry skin, I don't think mineral makeup is the best option; it's very drying, it being a powder and so absorbs moisture. Rather stick to liquid foundation, and a light dusting of powder on top to set. 


Sefardi Gal said...

I don't like trying on face make up (like foundation or bronzer/blush) at sephora because the lighting in that store is AMAZING. It can make nearly everything look nice and glowy.

When I tried bare minerals - I decided to it allow the sales associate to apply on my face and then went home to see how it "lasts" throughout the day. I came home (where there's relatively normal lighting and sunlight) and saw that my face looked like A CAKE!!

For the past few years, I've been using the drugstore brand "physician's formula" - blush color "blushing natural." It looks like bronzer on me because of my semi darki skin.
I want the best stuff, but I strongly dislike the method of trying five different shades and then having to go home and see what it looks like. :(

Princess Lea said...

I know, it's not easy. It took three trips to Sephora to find what looks best. It's convenient that I work down the block from one. But that lighting is a sneaky ploy.


The first time I tried mineral makeup, the associate slathered way too much on. I looked ridiculously fake tanned. When I put it on, I dust it lightly. Then it looks good.

Premonitions of an Afterthought said...

I think you're brave- I learned to put makeup on from a certain makeup artist in my home town. She taught me how to apply makeup tastefully (after my oldest sister came home looking like marylin manson with bronzer meets bozo my mother insisted on taking all of us there at 17) This makeup artist did my eyebrows for years, my makeup for my vort and my wedding. She matched up a powder base for me in her own unlabeled makeup line. I've been using it ever since. I can't even buy eyeshadow in Sephora!!! i think i'm buying gold and come home to find its green.... kudos to you brave brave Princes Lea.

lawschooldrunk said...

Did the Week of Pesach ultimately use the coupon?

Princess Lea said...

Premo - you're lucky to have a good makeup artist nearby. It really is a toss-up. Anytime my mother or sister got a face made up by a "professional," much is left to be desired.

lawschool - Snark. A man cannot understand the joy of getting at least SOMETHING off at Sephora. Unless he has a thing for the Bliss skincare line.