Friday, October 28, 2011

Battle of the Bulge: Mealtimes

I wasn't in an unhealthy weight bracket, but I wanted to take control of my eating habits, and I lost unnecessary weight, which I am not complaining about. 
For those who are interested, read on. 

Once the palate is accustomed to healthy foods, then the next step can be taken. 

Step 2: Mealtimes Strictly Enforced

I used to eat constantly and mindlessly. Every time I was bored, I would haul open the fridge door for something to nibble on.
I didn't change that while I adjusted my palate to good foods. But five oranges a day add up, y'know. 

Now, I made sure to be satisfied after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with no munching in between. After holding myself back for a few weeks, I began to differentiate between hunger and boredom, to the point that unless I was hungry, I did not want to eat. 

The size of the stomach (not the protruding belly; the organ where food is digested) depends on how much one eats. Eat less, and it shrinks. One will feel constant hunger for a bit while cutting down how much one eats, but if one hangs in there, the stomach will adapt and one will be satisfied with less food.

It was a big success for me, I have to say, to eat only by meals. 

While some diet plans claim the necessity of snacks, that does not work for me. Once I start munching, I don't stop. Better if I eat a full meal and wait until the next one.  

And it paid off; I shed another five pounds. 

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