Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tchias HaMeisim

The reigning shoe of today is Louboutin, in all its freakishly tall glory. 

I, personally, do not drool over them the way some do. In my view a shoe has to look good, not necessarily be the "in" shoe. I know of some who pursue Louboutins, but since they are reduced to the affordable yet still in-stock items, they end up purchasing pairs that are unflattering. But hey, they have red soles, so who cares if their feet look deformed.

But does anyone remember, how but a few years ago, the Queen of Saks was the Manolo? 

The Manolo Blahnik reached Louboutin-like heights not so long ago after Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) began crooning to them through store windows. "Hello, lover."
It seems, despite getting ground underfoot, the Manolo has arisen from the dust to reclaim (at least, partially) its glory. 

While they are infinitely tamer than the Louboutin, they are also more wearable, both in terms of comfort and chicness. 
Arriving for her Vogue shoot last spring, Ms. Parker entered a dressing room filled with the latest styles and a wall of shoes secured for the sitting by Tonne Goodman, a seasoned editor at Vogue. “I walked in and looked around and saw all these shoes, and then I spotted the Manolos and it was like water in a desert,” Ms. Parker said. “I was just so excited to see a simple black pump.”
Welcome back. 


Yedid Nefesh said...

I love that shoe, very pretty
ps: do you follow top model?

Princess Lea said...

For one or two seasons. I can't stand how they keep the mean one on longer for dramatic effect. I don't dig catfights.