Friday, October 7, 2011

OPI Mod About You

I will admit I could be more patient when I nail file and shape them better, but anywho . . . 

Above is OPI Mod About You, an opaque pink nail polish that I quite like. Light pinks such as this tend to make my hands look tanned by comparison.

I have found that light opaque colors are hard to apply as boo-boos are more obvious than with darker shades, so I did a little searching for tips. 

One is to apply Vaseline on the cuticles. Whatever nail polish ends up there does not dry on the skin and so is easily washed or scraped off. Just be sure that it doesn't end up on the nail itself.

Another is to get a nail art dot tool and use the fine point for straightening out the polish. 

I bought one on Ebay from China for a buck or two. It's really quite handy.

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Fashion-isha said...

I love this's been one of my favorites forever!! Shana Tova,