Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not Quite Yet

My grandmother, getting on in years, decided a while back to get for herself a full-time woman. She's gone through a few by now, but she currently has the most amazing, lovely, caring lady that we all adore. She's kind, she's educated, she's interested in and respectful of frum Jewish culture.

A cousin of mine who is still in her teens got engaged. My grandmother is furious about this imminent marriage as I am still available, despite the fact that we are both her descendants.

But Babi's woman initially thought it was me that got be-ringed, and she was horrified. Why?

She doesn't want me to give up my independence so soon.  

And, she added, I should hold out for a man who will take care of me (she doesn't get this "sitting and learning" thing).

I hope she doesn't go home anytime soon. She's doing wonders for my ego.


Fashion-isha said...

Thanks so much for you input on my blog post about schools. It's very reasuring hearing everyone's stories. The support is incredible! Have a great night!

Yedid Nefesh said...

Your grandma sounds awesome

Princess Lea said...

Sharon: Happy to be of helpful input!

YN: It was actually my Bobby's aide who said it, but in any case my Bobby is awesome.