Monday, September 10, 2012

An O Girl in the NY Times

I love dissecting the Sunday Review section of the NY Times. There is often a thought provoking article or some such. 

There is a segment called "Townies," featuring vignettes of city life. Avital Chizhik was printed this week—woo for the observant! 


Nechama said...

Quite the read. Thankyou. I always wonder about drawing those comparisons myself, but stop short.
Afraid of being too similar, perhaps. Amazing how we all have more alike than differences, yet by human psyche we choose to focus on that which separates. Hmm...

Princess Lea said...

In terms of fellow Jews, I went to a shiur (I can't remember which speaker it was) and he said how odd it is that we make such a line between, say, chassidim and the modern, while the rest of the world thinks we're all the same type of crazy.

Amongst ourselves we do have more common than not. And even with Muslims. In the end, their monotheism is the most relatable.