Wednesday, September 19, 2012

While I'm Dreaming

While this blog is Star Wars themed, my actual superhero obsession is Batman. Before Christian Bale showed up.
Batman doesn't need radioactive spiders or alien parentage. Not only that, he's not so cheerful about taking the bad guys alive. Those goody-goody two-shoes superheros can be tiresome.  

So when I stumbled across this survey of "What Your Superhero Crush Says About You," I scrolled through to see what my thing for Bats means. 
Not only is Batman a crime fighter, he's also a billionaire playboy. "You may be attracted to wealth," says Lombardo. "And you probably enjoy the challenge of getting the man who everyone else wants."
Possible Pitfalls: "There will be a lot of competition for his heart, so he'll frequently be tempted by others," says Lombardo.
Wait a sec, that is not me at all! 

I scrolled through the other superheros. The other options weren't so much better. Apparently, they all have really annoying pitfalls.

Eh. I wasn't made to stitch the holes in a superhero cape. 


FrumGeek said...

GL: So anything between you and Diana (Wonder Woman)?
Bats: My work is too important to allow any distractions.

Princess Lea said...

GL being Green Lantern?

Bats was made to end up with Cat Woman or Talya al-Ghul. I don't think he could handle not having superpowers when his girlfriend does. He's not THAT secure.

FrumGeek said...

Yeah, it was the John Stewart Green Lantern, actually.

Ah, but Batman IS that secure. And he can actually take down every superhero ever because of that special superpower he has (that being that the writers love him).

In the end though (with Batman Beyond being in official continuity in both pre and post new52) Bruce actually ends up alone. (Though he DOES have a son with Talia, but that was b/c of a one night stand.)

FrumGeek said...

(oh, and just to point out that your post does kinda have a Star Wars connection, you obviously got into Batman due to the animated series, where Joker was voiced by Mark Hammil aka Luke Skywalker. Weak, I know, but close enough.)

Princess Lea said...

I actually only found out recently that Mark was the Joker. I was stunned, since he was AWESOME as the Joker, and in SW he's kinda . . . well . . . not Harrison Ford.

Batman is too messed up to have a happily ever after. But I always like to think of my heroes neatly paired up. So Catwoman is not a bad bet.