Thursday, September 13, 2012

This is Deep Clean

As I mentioned beforehand, I am in love with my DDF electronic face brush. I give it credit for banishing my summer (and winter) breakouts by thoroughly removing all dirt and residue, leaving my skin eager for night treatments.
That's actually a Clarisonic in her hand, but one day soon, it shall be mine.
Dermatologists are torn, however. Some praise it as the skin savior, others that it's just hype. I know my own dermatologist (and by my own, I mean the guy from shul that I pounce on during kiddush) was less than enthusiastic. 

To be fair, my skin is not sensitive or delicate. I've been throwing AHA and retinol at it for years, which it has usually accepted calmly and unworriedly. 

I can no longer see myself without an electric face brush. Some say that the bristles allow treatments to plunge deeper, making them more effective. Others say to use it occasionally.

The one week I used it sparingly my skin freaked out. I got two blemishes after quite a few months of skin clarity.  

So I'm hooked real bad.

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