Friday, September 28, 2012

Shabbos Callers

Before Shabbos, I happen to have quite a lot of stuff to do. 

Besides for hair styling and the Face, I am the only one in my house who knows how to operate the Shabbos zaigers (clocks), amongst other things. Meaning as soon as I get home from work I am a tad occupied. 

It is, therefore, not the most opportune time for guys to call for the first time. And yet, on more than one occasion, they do. 

I was surprised one Motzei Shabbos to find a voicemail, left barely 30 minutes before lechtzen, by a first-time caller. Dude!

One fellow said he would call me on Friday, and after watching my cell from 8 a.m. on he finally called. There was less than 100 minutes left, and I was behind schedule. With my eye on the clock, I decided to be truthful when he asked if this was a good time.  ("You what?" Ma shrieked.)

I may not have as much to do before Shabbos like Tevye's daughters, but there is still a lot I have to take care of. I can't have a casual chat when I have every minute plotted out. Shower (10 minutes, with deep conditioning), hair (30 minutes, not counting air-dry time), makeup (20 minutes), lachter, blech, urn. 

What do the fellas have to do, anyway? Walk in and out of a shower, a quick buzz of the Norelco, hop into a suit, and breeze out the door. If they live at home, I doubt they have many pre-candle lighting chores (if any men out there do, please feel free to share). If they live on their own, chances are they have meals lined up outside of their kitchen. Use your imagination, my males, as to what makes the differences between the genders. 

Kindly be understanding that if you call on a Friday, make it EARLY afternoon, if not the morning. Because if I am going to look civilized on Shabbos, it doesn't just happen.


Anonymous said...

Good post. Good post.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

>Walk in and out of a shower, a quick buzz of the Norelco, hop into a suit, and breeze out the door

There's a reason we say "Shelo asani ishah" every morning, eh?

Tovah11 said...

So funny! Men can be ready in literally 15 minutes. That's after they find 2 socks that match!

PremonitionsofanAfterthought said...

No worries Leia- once you do find the right man (a non Friday caller, surely) You'll find your time on erev shabbos reduced and your chores increased- but the beauty routine?- well, you'll save time on that:

Shower-5 minutes (with soap included!)

Hair Drying- non existent- pull a wig or a snood over sopping wet hair and hope nothing gets moldy in there

Makeup- 3.5 minutes

ta da!

great post

Princess Lea said...

The Face is forever. No spouse can change that.

PremonitionsofanAfterthought said...

LOL hail the FACE!

Princess Lea said...

Here's to the world never knowing what my real lashes look like!