Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pardon Me, But Your Pants Appear to be on Fire

I thought the Cradle Robber would recede away quietly, but he surfaced again. 

After I told the shadchan my token "thanks, but no thanks," she called me again, wheedling. I did not want to be the one to say that this fellow lied about more than his age, or that I find blatant self-compliments on information a turn-off, so I did what I usually do in moments like this: I brought my Tatty into it.

"Thank you anyway, but he's not for me." 

"What do you mean? He's good-looking, he's something, he's good-looking!" (He's not even that.)

"My father agrees." 

"Have a nice day then!" 

No one likes messing with menfolk.
Lady shadchanim tend to back respectfully away once someone's father is referenced. In case of emergency . . .  

I find it so disturbing that someone could manufacture blatant falsehoods in order to finagle a date. If he could lie so casually now, is that a habit that will magically evaporate once he gets engaged? I doubt it.

What does he think he has to gain? His soulmate, or a dupe?  


FrumGeek said...

Well sometimes a little white lie seems to be the accepted method. My resume says I'm an inch taller than I am. I don't feel comfortable about it, but according to everyone I spoke to, if I put my actual height, people will assume I'm even shorter than I am.

Though I have noticed shadchanim seem to lie or conveniently leave out major information about a girl (like she's on some sort of medication for mental issues) sometimes when trying to set me, or others, up.

Princess Lea said...

FG: You are in the clear, my dear. I am not talking about a little white lie; I'm talking about shaving a decade off your age. Not by a shadchan, but by himself, because the shadchanim are truly shocked when I tell them how old he really is.

And he's not alone!

FrumGeek said...

That's messed up. Maybe he's hoping for a romantic comedy type of plot, like when you find out the truth you're angry at him, but then realize you love him anyways and don't care :P

Princess Lea said...

Eeeeeew! That IS messed up! :D