Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When You Know, You Know, You Know?

Go On, "The World Ain't Over Till It's Over"
The premise of the show is that Ryan, a widower, joins a grief support group. The counselor, Lauren, is terrified because she knows her boyfriend is going to propose, and Ryan insists that he "knew" with his deceased wife, Janie. He keeps on saying "When you know, you know, you know?," until another member of the group says about her own loving relationship, "Early on I had my doubts."

Ryan: Well, I didn't. 

Annie (sarcastically): Really? 

Flashback to eight years previously. Ryan and Janie are sitting at the table in his home, eating dinner. 

Janie: Let me ask you this, Ryan: What do you think about us getting married? 

Ryan: Here's my take on marriage. I think what we're doing now is better, is more romantic. We wake up every single morning and decide to be together. I mean, that is beautiful.

Janie smiles, picks up her soda, and casually drains it in one gulp. She puts it down, smiles again. 

Janie: Here's what's gonna happen. We're gonna be married a year from now. You are going to get me a ring. It's gonna be one of these three (she lays out photos). Not the cheapest. You are going to plan a fantastic weekend where you propose to me at one of these three resorts (lays out photos again). Again, not the cheapest. I will move in here. Moving out will be life-sized Wayne Gretzky (motioning to the cardboard cutout behind Ryan), his friend the pinball machine (which is blinking away), and (she stands up, yanking off the cardboard top to reveal a pool table beneath) this pool table. Or I will move on, and you'll regret it for the rest of your life

She concludes her ultimatum with a charming grin

Ryan: Okay. Yes. I will definitely do all of those things, but I need to put my foot down about one thing. 

Janie: Hmmm? 

Ryan: I always thought it would be fun to get married and to walk down the aisle wearing my Yankees cap. 

Janie: That's not gonna happen.    

Ryan: No problem. 

Flashback ends. 

Ryan: Perhaps I wasn't totally and completely sure.

Decisions, decisions. Sometimes we can throw ourselves whole-heartedly in, only to have it blow up in our faces. Sometimes we tentatively, worriedly, choose another way, and it works out fabulously. There is choice even in bashert; we are a people of bechira, and that free will can also be divinely inspired.          


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

> The premise of the show is that Ryan, a widower, joins a grief support group

It's been done. The show was called "Dear John" with Judd Hirsch only it was a support group for divorcees.

As for weddings, at my next one (don't tell the current wife though!) I will want to come out to the Imperial March. I am willing to compromise on the Darth Vader helmet though.

FrumGeek said...

I loved that episode! I really thought she'd say no.

Princess Lea said...

MGI: I'm not exactly sure what the show's originality has to do with anything, I was just providing some backstory.

FG: Who would say "no"?