Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rabbi Lau. Need I Say More?

Messing around with the On Demand on my cable, I was flipping through the options on the Jewish Network, Shalom TV. I was aiming for Rabbi Mordechai Becher's "Dimension of the Daf" but was waylaid by an interview with Rabbi Lau.
I spent a breathless hour and twenty minutes quite simply enraptured.

I was quite delighted to find it available on the OU website.

There are some stories told that coulda knocked me down with a feather. Enjoy.  


Anonymous said...

A year or so ago, I attended a speech given by Rabbi Lau (during his book tour). It was a mesmerizing speech--like you said, the time flew by.
His book was very interesting; I found the memoirs of his brother (Naphtalie Lau-Lavie) really fascinating--I recommend it very highly.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the idea. I just spent my morning before work listening. Wow.

Princess Lea said...

The dignity, the refinement, the—the—there are no words, except WOW.

I shall have to get his brother's memoirs as well; thanks for the recommendation!