Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Watch Out for Flying Pasta

"Oh, not him? How about . . ." 

She tosses another name at me, and a cursory glance at his info is a no. 

"Thanks, but—" 

"Here's him." 

"Yes, however—" 


"Can I—"

"We'll put him aside. This one sounds nice." 

"He may be, yet—"

"Never mind, look at him."

Names are appearing and disappearing under my nose, back and forth. 

You know how a shidduch system is supposed to work? When someone had an idea—and she didn't have to be Yenta of Anatevka, you know—she approached the relevant parties and sold her thought. She had put some rumination into it, comparing backgrounds and such, and worked a bit in the sales aspect to set up one specific person with another specific person. 

Flinging guys at me like chucking spaghetti at the wall, hoping one will stick?
One thing I have learned is that there is a difference between quality and quantity. After compiling a list of off-base potentials, she waves me off. 

And never calls back.   


Anonymous said...

Worse yet is when you go to a shadchan and he sits there looking through his list of boys, writes down names he thinks might be on target, and then says, "alright, I'll let you know if there are any bites." Of course you never hear back.

Princess Lea said...

Makes one feel like ignored fish bait. Blah.

Tovah11 said...

I gotta give you credit, PL.

I don't think my ego could go through the rigorous process.

When I had blind dates, I could clearly see very quickly if they were into me and most weren't.

Another wasted night.

Princess Lea said...

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Like anti-bacterial soap creating superbugs.