Monday, January 6, 2014

Yes, It's Me, It's Really Me

When my sister made a kiddush one Shabbos, she introduced me to her friend's mother who proceeded to gush, leaving me quite buoyant. 

The next day, Sunday, I was still by my sister's house. Freshly showered, my hair hung limp and wet; my face scrubbed of any paint; my build obscured beneath flannel pajamas and a cuddly terry robe. 

The doorbell rang, and of course no one else was there, so I gingerly answered it. It was the friend's mother, dropping off a gift. My number one fan! 

I cheerfully opened the door, to be greeted by a hesitant smile. 

"And you are . . . ?" 

"We met yesterday! I was the sister?" 

Her face seemed to say, "No. Way." But then she brightened. "Oh! You're another sister!" she said cheerfully with this enlightening conclusion.

"Noooo . . . We met yesterday? With my hair was freshly blown? I had makeup on? I was wearing a designer suit? I had squeezed into shoes that cut off circulation?"
She still looked perplexed.

I can't look that bad without all my commentary!        


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...comment on the picture, not the post...not only is the right version wearing makeup (as opposed to the left version), but the picture is also obviously photoshopped. So yeah, very different without "paint," but photoshop does do a lot of it too.

Yocheved said...

Then there's my favorite comment "Wow, you look so pretty - I hardly recognized you!"


Princess Lea said...

Anon: Lighting makes a big difference as well. Always invest in good lighting.

Yocheved: Ha! Been there!

sporadicintelligence said...

You'd appreciate this backhanded insult, it was told to my friend by her VERY Hungarian great aunt. Put on a high pitched voice and the proper accent.

"you're make-up ar-teest must be fanTaS-teec, because you look, Be-u-tiful"

Princess Lea said...

I think I have the same great aunt. Or are all Ungarisher neinis the same? :D

Zsazsa Gabor, daaaaahling!