Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You Should Be Published

When it comes to the farshtinkener "profile" (Bad4's term) I am leery of describing myself too much. I believe that humans are ever-changing beings, and I find labels off-putting. From personal experience I have also concluded that very few people are able to gauge themselves accurately. 

"I'm confident," she insists. "But why didn't that person say hello to me?" 

Right. "Confident."

So my information on the dang thing is as whittled down as possible; I don't want to define or classify myself at all. 

When a guy's information plops in my inbox, I am also happier with less. And when I get more . . . I freak. 

This fellow didn't send me a profile, he sent me an autobiography. 

Ma tried to talk me off the brink by saying there may be "shadchanim" out there that makes these poor guys spew their emotional guts all over an email. I was not appeased. 

I didn't even have to bother with a date (we did go out, and he simply repeated everything on his information). I could have let this piece of paper buy me a Coke.  


Anonymous said...

A date is not an interview. You should be able to find out about the person/get to know them simply by interacting with them. When it feels like an interview or that someone is trying to sell himself, gotta ask what's wrong with the picture.

Princess Lea said...

Precisely. The only way to really get to know someone is by sitting down and having a conversation. Putting on info "I am good-looking, successful, and I totally rock in every way"—Dude, do you think I'm totally brainless?