Friday, April 18, 2014

Fetch, Girl!

"Have you ever gone out with ____________?" 

"Um, no I haven't." 

"He's from ________, and he does ___________." 


"So? Go look into him." 

How? Look him up in the phonebook? "Hello, Mrs. _______? My name is Lea, and Mr. Binks mentioned your son to me. Is he available this Sunday evening?"
Please don't mention to me dateable men and leave me with my hands tied. I don't want to sound ungrateful for suggesting potential dates, but it's sort of like telling a thirsty man in the desert that he could really use some water, then walking away with a full canteen. 


tesyaa said...

I agree. This kind of advice is ridiculous for someone in your situation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this reminds me of the time my sister's friend called her up and said that she knew of an eligible person but said straight out that she wasn't willing to make any calls or do anything to get the ball rolling. Not sure if it was laziness or not being willing to cold call some random person (which I get, but then why would she think my sister would? At least in her case she would've been calling on behalf of somebody else).

Princess Lea said...

It's not quite laziness, it's plain terror. I've tried to redt shidduchim but while it sounds simple in one's head it's more complicated in practice.

But there certainly has to be a better way than calling up someone and saying, "Hey, I heard of this guy, I don't know any other mutual friends, now you're only option appears to be stalking him."

You don't get shadchanus for bupkis!