Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon

This crayon has a few factors that I like. Matte, obviously. A narrow tip makes application all the simpler.
Bite has another lip pencil that claims to be matte but is laughingly not. Very satin, yes, but in no way matte. Therefore I peered at this offering with a skeptical eye. 

Hm. It passed. 

My initial purchase was Orange Red, for Ma—although after years of experimentation Ruby Woo still triumphs. Orange Red was more orange than red, and I am not a fan of orange in makeup. Orange, I find, is reliably harsh unless tamed sufficiently with pink. While Orange Red would look appealingly pink in some lights, but not all.

Yet the consistency of the product had piqued my interest; I was determined to exchange, not return.

While Sweety caught my eye, I already have a favorite lipstick in coral pink, Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Electric Pink Matte. I opted for Kumquat, described as "pink grapefruit." 

With my skintone, I feel kinda '60s in it, that pale, Barbie-doll pink, perfect for summer.
Ignore the pink eyeshadow.
The finish isn't matte-matte; it glides on, easily, then settles in pleasantly without any sparkle. It's not Shabbos-proof, though; ideal for weekday, rather.

I tried to take photos, but the results didn't quite do it justice. The latent blue undertone seemed to jump forward, hogging the frame. I snapped with flash, without, opened the shades, but I just accepted the fact that I need professional assistance when it comes to photography. 

I hogged a photo from VampyVarnish instead:
Via From left, Kumquat, Sweety, and Satsuma.
Remember, ladies, always a PINK lip!   


gelt said...

oh, goodness. bite is FANTASTIC. i just got their lavender lipstick and it is divine for spring with otherwise simple, natural makeup. and their lip mask. do it. DO IT.

Princess Lea said...

The Luminous Creme Lipstick? I would wear Pomegranate in a heartbeat.

I like this crayon so much I actually bought a second one, so I can (effortlessly) touch up in the office. Plus the compliments! Perfect for spring!