Thursday, April 24, 2014


I was googling "The Frumanista" one day, just to see how my profile looks when I'm not logged in, then, well, went skimming through the rest of the results. 

One of the results was a comment left on another blog, regarding what is considered to be a "controversial" matter, that shall be heretofore referred to as Issue "A". The commenter, who I shall label "B", posted that the Frumanista, and another blogger ("C") believe such-and-such regarding "A". 

Here's the thing: I never made a public statement regarding my feelings for Issue "A". Not once. Quite frankly, I can't muster any sort of passion on the topic; let the individuals involved do what they like, as no halacha is being violated. 

Understandably, I am really, really, really annoyed to see my supposed personal beliefs flatly stated by others, especially a relative stranger. 

She erroneously inferred my thoughts on the subject, and if that wasn't bad enough, she publicly announced the falsified data. As for "C", she had written a post on "A," but what "B" claimed her position to be was not remotely what she wrote.

I could clarify my beliefs now, but I have no obligation to. I simply request from my readers not to manipulate, spin, intentionally misinterpret, etc., my words. I don't post lightly, taking exaggerated amount of care in what I choose to publicize as my principles. 

If any require explanation on my blogged opinions, please comment. If any wish to share my thoughts on a certain matter, kindly link the post itself. But I hope I shall not have to come across again the equivalent of, "The Frumanista thinks that unicorns are real."
It's a narwhal horn, totally.


Kate said...

I had a sneaking suspicion I was C, so I looked it up. Thank you for having my back and for clarifying your own position so well. I'm also really annoyed that my POV was so twisted. I don't take issue with tefillin as an accessory and would never compare them to boots, I've never described myself as a queen or princess, and I don't view my role as a Jewish woman as sitting around doing my nails while someone else cleans my house. Seriously? I only cherish the traditional female role because I can afford cleaning help? Whether or not I'll have help is my business, and it shouldn't diminish my perspective. I'll be happy to cook and clean for my family, and you are spot on in your comment on the importance of these duties. If I have help and thus some extra free time, it will be spent with my children, which will be essential to their spiritual growth.

Princess Lea said...

Exactly! When I first saw the comment I think some synapses exploded, I was so angry. My family was rolling their eyes as I constantly brought it up, how you and I never wrote anything of the sort yet your and my name was attached. One feels so frustrated from the false accusations of "lady of the manor" complex. Where did THAT come from? Not only that, what does the original topic have to do with this? (Hands in the air)