Friday, May 23, 2014

Battle of the Bulge: Just Use Real Sugar Already

It gets really tedious how when people get a coffee or tea, they will opt only for mystery sugar-alternatives for a mere teaspoon, but when it comes to other foods in their life they consume sugar willy-nilly.
Every time some new miracle alternate sweetener debuts, they are eventually proven to give dogs brain damage, or something of a kind. Sticking to the real stuff is safer, and one can still stay on top of one's weight. 

Sugar, per teaspoon, is only 15 calories. Having a sprinkle in your coffee won't make such a major difference. That scone, however . . .
It won't bite.

When it comes to baking, hefty cups of white, refined sugar is more the issue.

There are now available varieties of evaporated cane juice (succanat), and depending how they are processed they can contain a goodly amount of vitamins and minerals. White refined sugar has no redeeming features; at least with these unrefined sugars one can get some nutrition. 

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