Monday, May 12, 2014

Eyeliner Quest

Sephora stopped carrying the Illamasqua Eye Liner Cake. Not a cosmic problem, I know, but for the last few years I have known no other liner. 

Bloomingdales is still currently selling it, so I swiftly purchased another from there, and I received a rather yellowed-looking box. Mislead's time in the US of A may be running out. 

I don't like to have all my cosmetic eggs in one basket; I began to browse for more options.

I covered eyelining in this blog's first few months, and my opinions haven't changed much since then. I am not a liquid eyeliner fan, preferring the safe-smudginess of pressed powder, such as Ilamasqua's. All previous pencils that I tried tended to leave black rivulets coursing downward.
Like Floki's.
But I am always willing to experiment yet again. I filtered the results on Sephora by most favorable reviews, and up comes the cult-favorite Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, which I bought in the darkest black, Perversion. 

Maybe because it has been a long time since I used an eye pencil, perhaps I didn't smudge it right, but boy, did it make a run for it. When I returned it the gal behind the counter thought I was slow in the head. "You're returning this?" she asked in shock. "Are you sure?"

I then received a VIB promotion of 15% off, which I decided to use to bankrupt myself. Amongst my haul that are loved: 

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in (obviously) Black: Yes, it is liquid eyeliner, albeit in the form of a marker. Why did I buy it? The reviews were so ecstatic I figured that I could manage with it somehow. Since it is a fine-tipped marker it doesn't give me that smoky-smudginess I like, but one thing is for sure: it STAYS.
As in Shabbos Face STAYS. The neat painted line stays a neat painted line until os. If you like liquid eyeliner, this one is a keeper.  

Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in (indubitably) 01 Black: For weekday wear, I think I have found my new daily go-to. No sharpening (although it does come with a mini-sharpener if the tip is not to sufficient pointedness) and a built-in smudger. Application is pretty effortless, since the results are a blended smoky eye.
My eyes have a tendency to tear up on the slightest pretense, like the springtime breeze kicking up a notch, and even after blinking away moisture, nothing strayed. 

By end of day, if there the migration, it is minor.

Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in (undoubtedly) 01 Black Lace: While giddy with the above option for weekday, I wondered if this would be remotely up to the challenge of the 25 hour Shabbos.
It was! After applying and smudging with a cheap drugstore smudger, it gave me the look I've been going for, and stayed on very well. 

Like Siggy's.  


Sun inside Rain said...

So which of these three do you recommend for a 3 day YT?

Princess Lea said...

Oh, sweetie, you have no idea what you have done. You have opened Pandora's Box. Be prepared for some serious pilpul.

If you are asking about liner for the eyelid, such as winged eyeliner, I must confess that since I don't apply liner there I can't say for sure. But if you never, ever rub your eyes, the Stila could be a good bet for that.

I only apply liner to my lower eye-line. For Shabbos I use the 12hr Wear pencil, and by Motzei Shabbos end it may be smudging a little, but not much. I don't think it can stand up to three day wear.

For Yontif I do like I showed here:

I don't know how good the links are inside the post, so here is the Aqua Seal:

Bare Minerals still makes liner shadow, but they seem to sell only on their website. A few limited colors are available on Amazon.,en_US,pd.html

But Make Up For Ever and Obsessive Compulsives make loose pigment powders that can be mixed with the Aqua Seal.

Whoo. I hope this helps!

Sun inside Rain said...

Thanks for the response! I ordered the Stila, I hope its staying powers are as professed :-). I don't either line on top.

That "make up for ever aqua seal" will work on liquid eyeliners or only powder? I've never used powder on my eyes!

P.S. I love how much you love and know about makeup.

Princess Lea said...

According to the "Q&A" section, if you let the liquid liner thoroughly dry, and then dab the Aqua Seal on top, it does do the job. Cannot testify as to how long, but the gal reviewing were quite "gushy."

Great thang about Sephora, one can always return! (Free returns, too!)

I used to avoid makeup like the plague, and now I've crossed into the Dark Side, big time. Just based on my own personality and personal research; and Youtube tutorials are incredibly informative. I'm trying (somewhat fruitlessly) to inspire others to join me, so it is always a pleasure to hear from a fellow makeup lover!

Sun inside Rain said...

Reporting back that the Stila was a no-go. It lasted a few hours- that's it! Back to the store it goes. I'm still going to look for a long-lasting eyeliner since we have two more 3 day YTim coming up.

Princess Lea said...

Even with the MUFE Aqua Seal? Hmmm.

I did the above, and it stayed for three days (obnoxious victory dance). I would still like to experiment by applying eye pencil and dabbing the Aqua Seal on top, but not until Yontif is over. So far, mixing the pigment powder with the seal is the best and most reliable.

There are some, though, who simply use a Sharpie magic marker. I have not tried that, though.

Succumbed yet? :P

Sun inside Rain said...

You're joking about the Sharpie as eyeliner, right? I may be desperate but not crazy! I will look into getting the MUFE Aqua Seal. Thanks again for your responses.

Princess Lea said...

As an option to mix it with, there is L.A. Minerals:

In my own experience, until I'm adventuresome again, minerals mixed with MUFE worked quite well. Plus, L.A. is one of the few brands that when they say "matte," they mean "matte."

And remember, no touching your eyes. I woke up one morning on Rosh Hashanah mindlessly rubbing an eye and goodbye, eyeshadow.