Friday, December 19, 2014

Battle of the Bulge: Enjoy the Sabbath

You know that whole "eat things in moderation" bit? Well, when I had cake or chocolate every day, even really small amounts, I never saw serious results until I restricted such sugary intake to just the weekends

Cutting off favorite foods completely, though, is just not a realistic way to eat, nor does it leave one particularly cheerful. Or on the wagon for very long.

One factor that I have to take into consideration is that I leave the freezer and pantry behind every day as I go to work. If I was at home on a daily basis, I would probably have to reevaluate my methods, but if one is employed and doesn't eat out, things are much easier. 

Shabbos is a realistic choice to get one's hedonism on. After all, there are all those meals anyway, so one might as well enjoy oneself. 

But my plan of attack is based on focusing on the foods that I like best. Even when one wants to throw a diet plan aside for one blissful day, still make a point to consume calories of only the concoctions one really loves; otherwise, it is just a waste.    

Hellooooo, cake. It's been a week since we met last. 

Mmmm. A git Shabbos, indeed.     


Tovah11 said...

I always think that I'll buy a bag of candy and just eat one a day. That bag is calling my name and I will not leave it alone until it's all gone. I do NOT have an 'eat in moderation' kind of mind. I wish I did though.

p.s. How great does that cake look?

nachliele said...

You are SO my kinda gal. I work from home, but I find that wherever I am, if I'm busy, I'm not foraging like a little squirrel. So, it's the relax time I have to worry about :) I adhere to the same rule: once a week, and only something I really care about.

Although, I think I'm making donuts today- and there is no way I'm not having one of those. Or three. Or seven. Sigh. Good bye, low carb diet for today:)

nachliele said...

PS. I just had to come post a comment, PL. Been thinking about the blog at the weirdest times- usually when I put on my eyeliner :)
Then I looked up my donut recipe and found our email conversation- the word donut was in there somewhere... Gotta support my favorite internet friend, even though I'm getting closer and closer to my new website launch and things are SO crazy! Can't wait to have more time to scroll back and see everything I missed!

Princess Lea said...

Tovah: I didn't use to be. So I wouldn't buy bags of candy, because I knew my limitations. But when I started eating healthier and adjusted my palate, I no longer can eat a bag of candy in one sitting, so I can actually buy that bag of candy again and know I can be around it. It's about training.

It does look yum, doesn't it?

nachliele: "A foraging little squirrel" - yup! If I'm busy, then I can be in my own house without worry . . . I also can't sit in the kitchen for extended periods of time.

Dooooonuts, drool, to quote Homer Simpson.

Oooh, a website launch! Much hatzlocha!

nachliele said...

Thanks PL! The donuts were yum- nothing can compare to home made! And I had 2- considering they were quite small, that's not too bad :)

Thanks for the bracha- hope you get to see the site soon!

Princess Lea said...

Nope, not too bad at all, and homemade is always better, both for you and with taste.

Looking forward to seeing the site!