Friday, December 5, 2014

I'm In Love . . . With Your Sister

After bumping into a shadchan by a vort, my contact info was zealously scribbled down. A few days later there was an e-mail in my inbox, containing an unknown girl's profile information. 

I emailed the lady back that she apparently mis-sent the information, since I am female

Her response was the girl's photo. 

I had found this incident to be mildly amusing, knowing that the woman had simply confused my e-mail address with an eligible of the opposite sex. 

At a wedding, a couple about my parents' age crooked a finger. They knew of a possible boy, and insisted they would send me his information. 

The woman was apparently not to proficient in the tech sphere, and she forwarded me the original communication from the fellow's mother, which contained both her single daughter's profile as well as her single son's. 

His information was very basic, and whatever was there did not really awaken my imagination. 

His sister, however—my! Her photo displayed a perfectly dressed, refined woman. Her academic and professional prowess was staggeringly impressive. As for her description of herself, I nearly wept. She's perfect

If only she was a dude. (Her brother proved to not be a male version of her, sadly.) 

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