Friday, November 13, 2015


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Mr. Cohen said...

Dear Princess Lea,

Since you linked to Alison Zeidman’s article in the New York Times, I feel obligated to inform you that New York Times has a long and persistent history of attacking Israel and whitewashing the numerous wrongdoings of any country that attacks Israel.

Please refer to these links for reference:

New York Times op-ed: Wipe Israel off the map:

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky said:
“In the genocidal war being waged against the Jewish people, the New York Times is an accomplice.”

How NYT Ignored Real Issues and Bashed the Israel’s PM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Criticizes the NYT

Long Term Study of NYT Reveals a Bias Against Israel

New York Times Refuses to use the Word 'Terrorist'

The Misleading Times by Rabbi Avi Shafran

NY Times and the Siyum of Daf Yomi by Marvin Schick

One of Tom Friedman’s Defamations

The Real Ahlam Tamimi is not in the NYT

Lies and Distortions of Mahmoud Abbas in his NYT Op-Ed

Jonathan Pollard’s Attorneys Slam NY Times

Sincerely wishing you the best possible shidduch,
Mr. Cohen