Monday, April 9, 2012

Long Lasting Lipstick

There are many makeup books out there, and based on the high recommendations on Amazon, I purchased a used copy of Kevyn Aucoin's Making Faces.
Since it was so ecstatically reviewed, I expected some mind-blowing tips. That it did not deliver; it discussed more makeup theory (where one should apply highlight rather than how or with what), and had examples of looks already done with some written instructions which were not particularly useful. 

Although, there was one tip I picked up from the book that has come in good use. Kevyn writes that after a first coat of lipstick, blot, reapply, blot again. It seemed like too much work to me, so I never bothered. 

Until I had a family simcha and I thought to give it a try. To blot, Kevyn suggests peeling apart two-ply tissues and using the now single ply. 

I applied, I blotted, I applied, I blotted, I applied, I blotted. 

During the evening I sneaked off to check the lip status, as I assumed after all the food and drink I had consumed, my lips must desperately need a refresher. I rummaged through my evening bag for my (retractable) lip brush and turned to the mirror, hand poised, only to see that my lipstick was still perfectly on. 

Thanks, Kevyn. 


Sporadic Intelligence said...

I love that book, just for the pictures. He is a master!!! (Forget about the tips, just appreciate the art)

Princess Lea said...

Was a master. He died in 2002 from a pituitary tumor. But his name still lives on.

Sporadic Intelligence said...

Right, I knew that, was actually really upset when he died.

Some little part of brain put "get face done by Kevyn Aucoin" on my bucket list.

Princess Lea said...

Ha! Now it'll have be "Climb Everest." Meh.