Monday, April 16, 2012

Oppressed Dates

When Oprah had her special on chassidim, of course she had to ask how the women are "suppressed." 

Consider the way the dating world works by many observant Jews: A complete stranger comes to a house, picks up the daughter, and her parents happily wave them off.
No worries that he will attack her, leave her by a roadside, or sell her into white slavery. 

A few years ago Time magazine featured a story regarding the phenomena of "purity balls." Young girls, disturbingly young girls, get all dolled up and go to dinner with their fathers, where they promise before them to be "chaste." 

Not the boys. If anything, young males are the ones who have to be taught to respect women, and better yet swear on a stack of bibles to leave them alone. One girl who vowed chastity was assaulted, and she felt she could not wear the "purity ring" anymore. 

Take a bow, my Jewish brethren. We good.


Anonymous said...

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Princess Lea said...

Thank you kindly.

Rachel said...

I wonder what's up with the no shoes thing?

Princess Lea said...

I'm not sure how accurate the photo source is, but maybe

1) Their shoes were killing or

2) They were going to do that cute thing when little girls dance with their father with their feet on his.

Or the message is to be barefoot and pregnant (while in wedlock, of course!)