Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not ALL in White . . .

It is now a common sight that an engaged gal will don a white ensemble for her vort to evoke her expectant wedding gown. 

But I notice when I look at full-length photos, something niggles at me. They usually pair the white dress with a white pair of shoes, and that is where my eyes are drawn. 

In one photo, by the casual l'chaim, she is wearing black tights and black shoes, and her legs and feet appear to be rather shapely; in the next, for the vort, she is has donned the white dress, sheer stockings, and white shoes, yet now her calves looked obviously less slender. 

I decided to blame the footwear. White is not a forgiving shade (maybe that's why many cultures consider it the hue of death), and I find that it is difficult to locate a white shoe that is styled flatteringly enough to make the foot still look dainty. 

Fear not, freshly affianced! There is another option. 

Nude is a great option for shoes in general. 

1) They match EVERYTHING, making them a practical purchase. What to wear with navy is no longer a problem.
2) They make legs look better! They give the visual effect that the leg is longer, ergo leaner.
3) They are ideal for cheering up black attire without having to be a bright shade.
Embrace the nude shoe!
DV by Dolce Vita


tesyaa said...

Nude shoes are excellent.

At first I thought you were writing about nude stockings. Let me give you some fashion history from the Jurassic days:

Back in the 80s, nude stockings were unstylish. My friends and I only wore black, white, or off-white. When I look at pictures from the 80s, I look like a nurse. Yuck...

And everyone wore stockings back then, frum or not, because workplaces basically required them and pantsuits were not yet acceptable office wear.

Today, I'm actually wearing nude shoes with no stockings (at the office) - ah, progress.

Premonitionsofanafterthought said...

I wore white to my L'chaim and Kelly green to my vort! :-)

LifeLover said...

LOL!! I agree, nude shoes are nice, BUT
a) I don't like shoes that are too high - what happened to the nice, elegant 2 inch pointy heels that used to be in fashion? I still wear those!! I think they look nice + they're more comfortable. Don't get me wrong - I think that those shoes you showed look great on others, but I could just never wear them myself - I just can't walk in them! Also I'm tall so I don't wanna make myself too tall and rule out guys ;)
b) I once went to a fashion specialist who tells you what colours go well with your skin-tone and complexion etc (don't ask - my mother forced me to!! lol! Jewish mothers - what would we do without them...) and she told me that people should wear shoes and handbags to match their hair because it makes a harmonious picture - that someone with dark hair should wear dark shoes and someone with light hair should wear light shoes - and I kinda get her point... back to your point I think that a white dress, even if worn with brown shoes, would look nice...

Princess Lea said...

Tesyaa: Ai, the 80's. At least only the good bits of it are back in.

I rebelled against weekday stockings years ago, and brought my mother down too. Only on Shabbos do I torture myself, since it really helps with how clothing fits. Ugh. I hate summer.

POAA: Ooh, pretty! I love green.

Princess Lea said...


1) I perfectly understand. I wear flats since I am very tall, but my mother has been on a desperate search to find 2 inch shoes forever. These monsters that are available have to go out of style eventually.

2) I am going to respectfully disagree with this fashion specialist. Hair should not be so taken into wardrobe consideration to the point that the clothing and shoes clash - NO WAY can brown shoes be worn with a white dress. NO! I draw the line!

Then again, hair should never be taken into consideration. Wear blue and yellow bags and poppy red shoes.

LifeLover said...

Hahahahahaha Princess Lea you're response made me laugh!!! The truth is that I'm not so into fashion so I was just regurgitating what that person told me. LOL!!! Imagine having blue, yellow or red hair!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I read this post and I say shelo asani isha... i can barely match a colored shirt and a tie LOL

Princess Lea said...

LL: This "fashion specialist" better turn in her credentials. There are very few color rules in fashion, and never do they involve hair!

Anon: I have posts on that. I dress the dudes in my family.

Anonymous said...

Princess Lea,
If you don't wear weekday stockings, what do you wear during the week?

Princess Lea said...