Monday, August 6, 2012

Best Nail File

Since I do my own nails, I am always up for learning something new. I was scrolling through YouTube for manicure tutorials: 
MissChievous recommended a glass nail file rather than cardboard. What sort of difference could that make? I snorted to myself. But, ever curious, I went on Amazon and bought the one with the best reviews, Sassela Crystal Glass Nail File.

Hoooeee. I am chucking away those cardboard files so fast. . . Despite being very fine in grain, it can do everything from delicate buffing to serious crack repair, all without aggravating further breaks in the nail. 

With cardboard nail files it is recommended to file in one direction to prevent breakage, but this one can go in any direction. It is ridiculously easy to beautifully shape nails with this. Beforehand my nails were nastily asymmetrical; now it is less obvious. There are a host of glass nail files available on Amazon; I went with the one from Sassella.

It is still glass, so baby it; it'll break if dropped. 

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