Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yontif Hair = Healthy Hair

Many find the showerless yom tov to be quite a trial. Consider what it would be like to not shampoo for more than a month? 

Amber Genuske couldn't help it; when in Kosovo, the bathing conditions were quite primitive and not hair-friendly. But when she arrived home and blissfully bathed, she was amazed how healthy her hair was. 

She now only washes her hair one or two times a week. Funnily enough, so do I. When my hair gets a little oily, I prefer cornstarch to dry shampoo (the fragrance gives me a headache and makes me sneeze); I just sprinkle a little in and it absorbs any greasiness.


Altie said...

Is your hair curly or straight? I have curly hair. I wash my hair every other night, but the build-up of mousse can get quite gross and make my hair listless. Also, when you don't wash your hair do you wear a shower cap or get it wet anyway?

ZP said...

I also wash my hair around 2 times a week, depends, sometimes more. I think natural hair (no products/ironing/blow drying/brushing) looks best 2-3 days after being washed.

Princess Lea said...

Altie: My hair dries wavy. On Fridays in the summer I iron it (so it won't frizz in the humidity), so it comes out straight. I try not to style it in the weekday since I want it to "recover."

I use leave-in conditioner. Love the stuff. It doesn't seem to weight down my hair or add ick factor.

I use a shower cap. I'm not that crazy about the feeling of wet hair on my neck. It's a quirk of mine.

In your case, of course, shampooing is necessary. But try to get a really, really gentle one, instead of something intensely cleansing. And condition, condition, condition.

ZP: It is said that slightly dirty hair has a great texture. Mine always looks fabulous one or two days later, not after I have just styled it.

Tovah said...

Dry shampoo is one of those change-your-life products. I really love the texture it gives me fine hair. I'm still working to find one that doesn't stink too much. I have a real problem with scents.

Princess Lea said...

That's why I like cornstarch. No scent, no filler, it just does the job. I spent $8 on a teeny bottle of Oscar Blondi but I can't bear to use it.

Anonymous said...

Altie, stop using mousse (I know, I was addicted once too) and your hair will be healthier (not dried up from the alcohols in it) and need less frequent washings. I highly recommend Jessicurl styling products which are all natural and don't weigh the hair down.

Don't wanna burst your bubble Princess Lea but the 'all natural' chamomile lightener you use may be gentler than most but still has hydrogen peroxide in it.

Princess Lea said...

Oh, I know it has peroxide. The healthy stuff doesn't lighten at all. Note I never claimed it was healthy! :D