Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Devil's Workshop or Mother of Invention

I have more nervous tendencies than others, so I worked out early on how to keep myself . . . relatively mellow. 

For instance, I know that I need time every day for my brain to loosen up. Like blankly looking through a train window, or mindlessly watching some television, or reading a less-than-educational novel since, in order to be able to sleep at night, "the little gray cells" must be given an allotment of non-focus. 
Via edwardbgordon.blogspot.com
Perhaps that is why I am bewildered when I hear that people desperately need a vacation to "unwind" or "get away." If I had to rely on a few holiday days here and there to realign my chakras, so to speak, I would be a raging lunatic. 

My idea of an ideal Sunday is to potter about, indolently taking care of this or that, with nothing on the schedule. If I do have something planned, it's rarely for hours on end, nor do I want to tackle more than one "activity" in one day. 
Despite today's conveniences, which should have made life more relaxing, people claim they are busier than ever, even though they have no cows to milk or land to plow. And idlers like myself are often get the finger-wag for our non-exerting ways.

My cousin FBed me on Sunday, confessing her guilt for spending the day watching Star Trek. I linked her this article, which casts our indolence in a flattering light. 

Are we really so "busy," Tim Kreider asks, or do we just fear the absence of activity? 

So after reading the article, figure out if you are actually busy, or if you just can't stand the silence. 

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