Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cheese Latkes Update

I wrote previously how my gluten-free application of Busy in Brooklyn's cheese latkes were a big hit amongst the kinfauna. 

I've made them quite a few times since then, messing around with different types of gluten-free flour. One thing I noticed is that while everyone else loved the bean flour, I hate it. There's an aftertaste that makes me terribly nauseous.

Out of insanity, I made the latkes on Tisha B'Av for the visiting kinfauna. But this time I used a mix of corn and buckwheat flours. While I used proportionately less buckwheat to corn, it turned my batter quite brown. 
Well, you know kids. "They're brown," they kept telling me. "Yes, I know," I said. "But they're brown," they insisted. 
Since I wasn't able to taste these, and my usual audience was less than enthusiastic, the latkes ended up in the fridge, with me bummed out over the wasted ingredients. The next day I popped one into my mouth, yes, cold. 

It was delicious. There was some sort of sweet flavor in there like maple syrup, even though I didn't use any. Despite the fact they were chilled through, I inhaled these for dinner.

I offered one to the two year old. He ended up having five, even though he had supper already. I then tackled the scrawny six year old. "They aren't cheesy enough," he grumbled (yes they are!) but I managed to shove three down his throat. I cheerfully fried up the remaining batter (carefully dabbing off oil from the resulting product), and Ta had to be restrained.

Moral of this story: I am now a big fan of buckwheat. And never try making anything new on a taanis.    

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