Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Leafy Eyes

After gray, another universally flattering eyeshadow hue is green, which is often my choice for weekdays.
I'm currently using a beautiful shade by Illamasqua, a "matte dusky olive green" called Moan. However, that color is no longer carried by Sephora (dang!)
Illamasqua Moan
The color I was using beforehand, a less intense green called Sage by Chantecaille Lasting Eye Shade is still around. Chantecaille is available at select Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Space NK. I was very happy with it before it hit my stone bathroom floor and smashed to bits.
There is also MUFE Olive Green 47.

Bare Escentuals Wearable Green Dark (dark pine), Wearable Green Medium (olive beige), and Exotic Sandra (deep olive).
Yes, all the colors I list are matte, and are not light. Light green can be distracting attention-hogs, whereas less acidic shades blend more discreetly. Green should be matte since it has the potential to be overwhelming, and lack of sparkle takes it down a notch. 


tesyaa said...

Not related to eyeshadow, but I just saw your comment about bugs on Bad for Shidduchim and I wanted to give you a yasher koach. I can relax today, knowing that there is one other sane person in the universe.

Princess Lea said...

Bug power!

tovah said...

I wish I knew how to wear green eyeshadow. It just never looks right on me.

I have brown eyes and, strange enough, I really like to wear blue eyeshadow.

Princess Lea said...

It's not so strange. Blue will make brown more intense.

If you can wear blue, I am guessing you can wear green. But not all greens are equal - nor are blues.