Friday, August 3, 2012

Yontif Face: Lip Color

As I mentioned beforehand, most long-wearing lipcolors are universally alike in that they are super-drying. While it is hypothetically possible to have lipcolor on for two, sometimes even three days, it won't necessarily look attractive, and your lips will feel naaaaaasty. 

The best long-wearing options, I have discovered, are best found in the drugstore, since the cheap dye used tends to really sink into lips, becoming almost stain-like. 

I have said that it is better to go with a lipstick rather than a longwearing two-ended product like Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor, since it flakes off painfully and unevenly after exactly 25 hours. A lipstick, at least, will fade off gradually. 

For the first layer, the lipstick in question doesn't have to necessarily be labeled "longwearing." For instance, the best endless lipstick I have ever owned is Max Factor's Vivid Impact Lipcolor in #16, Ms. Understood. It stayed on, with care, for three days. (When Max Factor withdrew its products from the USA, I stocked up via Amazon.)

Another rule of longwearing is that it will usually be darker rather than lighter colors. I'm guessing because of the dye. 

Covergirl Lip Perfection, for instance, has a few shades that bloggers claim stay on like nobody's business: Spellbound 325, Eternal 350, Hot Passion 305, Fairytale 405. But they are all bright, flashy colors. 

As I mentioned last week, I tried out Maybelline's 14 Hour Lipstick, and I really love Perpetual Peony, a pale pink. 

So what I did erev Shavuous was to first apply and blot a few layers of my Max Factor lipstick—about five in total. 

Then, I picked up the Maybelline 14 Hour Lipstick in Perpetual Peony and proceeded to layer that as well, also about five coats worth. The consistency isn't conducive to blotting, but I tried as much as I could.
The result distinctly tamed down the vivacity of the base color, as well as provide a nourishing "topcoat," if you will, for the super-drying powers of Ms. Understood. 

And boy, was it nourishing, as well as long-lasting! 

I was very careful for all of Shabbos, even drinking the wine and soup with a straw. I ate my cereal with a dessert spoon. I cut every scrap of food to tiny bite sized bits. 

Then, the the first day of Shavuous. Still there, albeit with some flakiness at the part of my lip closest to my teeth. But it wasn't very noticeable. 

Day 2 of Yontif: Holding strong! I became irritated with the flaky bits by the afternoon and picked at them, and they pretty much peeled right off without taking any lip skin with it. My lips were not super-dried out and cracked the way they were the previous yontifs with the Max Factor alone. 

Three day yom tov with lipstick, baby! It can be done!  

I love the color so much that I've started doing this dual-layer shtick for Shabbos. I just don't need as many layers; about two of each.

Keep in mind: You must be very, very careful when it comes to eating and drinking if you intend for the lipcolor to stay on. It's a bonus to help you stay on diet.   


daughtersintheparsha said...

very nice that your lipstick stayed on but didn't people think your style of eating a little odd?? :)

Princess Lea said...

My family is very forgiving. :D